Western Digital HDD Recovery Tool

The growth in digital media has not stopped the people in making use of hard drive to store their files. The most commonly utilized storage drive is still hard drive which is also an integral part of PC.

Among the manufactures of hard drives, one of the famous hard drive producers in world is Western Digital, which provides high performance hard drive called Western Digital hard disk drive. This drive is a non-volatile storage gadget, in which it stores digital information on magnetic surface with rapidly rotating platters. When you are utilizing Western Digital hard disk, the knowledge about data recovery is quite necessary as you can never predict data loss situations.

Data loss from Western Digital hard drives may happen because of various reasons. There are no manual approaches to recover data from this Western Digital Hard Drive. So don’t be stressed, Western Digital hard drive recovery will support you to recover data from your Western Digital hard drive in a simple way.

Circumstances that lead to data loss situations from Western Digital hard drive:

  • Errors during format: Some times while connecting your WD drive to your PC, a popup window appears with the message representing: “The drive is not formatted. Would you like to format it now?” In this circumstance, if you select “No”, the information on your WD drive will not be accessible. Instead of ‘No’ if you select “Yes”, you’re hard drive will get formatted and all of your data’s will be lost. A tight circumstance where nothing is possible
  • Transfer Errors: Errors could happen in the cut and paste disarrays and also a power failure which may cause your file to be lost. These variables are possible while utilizing a system with a constant power source
  • Files deleted mistakenly: Human mistakes are frequently possible, which are the main reason for this, also there are some reasons like Bad sectors, partitions errors and reformatting the drive
  • Virus attack: Viruses have many ways to enter and damage your system, due to this your system may get slow and also tends to corrupt the whole hard disk by making the files inaccessible.

Why we need to prefer Western Digital Hard Drive Recovery?

  • It provides most secure techniques to recover the deleted or lost data from your Western Digital hard drive.

There are also some unique features of Western Digital hard drive Recovery:

  • Effectively searches and restores a wide range of information including media files, audio files, movie files, photographs, reports, spreadsheets and so on from Western Digital hard drive.
  • Essentially safeguard information from different storage media like USB drives, external hard drive, flash drives, FireWire drives, memory cards, iPods and so on.
  • Supports data recovery from SCSI, SATA, IDE and other kind of hard drives which are accessible in the business sector.
  • To avoid re-scanning it allows you to save the recovery session which saves your time and also within few minutes it scans the complete Western Digital hard drive
  • It provides free demo version to review the feasibility of Western Digital hard drive recovery and also facilitates to view all digital media files before restoring them by means of file preview option.

This recovery tool has a basic interface which is easy to understand for all users. You can also utilize the find option to identify the files that are discovered by utilizing the scan option and it also allows you an option to compress your recovered files with respect to your available disk space.