Top Smart TV Devices that were Launched in 2015

Smart TV” devices demand is hotting up in the market day by day. Amazon, Google and Apple have all launched the new devices of smart TV in last few months. The Amazon’s Prime Instant and Netflix Amand’s rise are some other options than ever for watching online TV.
The TV viewers in United Kingdom are most advanced in respect to technology as per Ofcom. Approximately 81% of the users watch TV or films through internet. But still most of the users does not have smart TV box. Apple has launched latest version of Apple TV this year for first generation to feature an application store. The chief executive of Apple called Apple TV the future of TV.
Apple TV and its new touch surface remote
There are mainly three competitors for smart TV devices which are Google’s Chrome cast, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV. Along with Apple TV, these four companies have accounted only 86 pieces of sales in their market in year 2014.

Amazon Fire TV
Sky Q is the latest version of Sky as announced by TV platform. The design of fire TV is in such a way that offers user to access live TV seamlessly, catch-up TV on separate TV’s and tablets. It is compatible with 4K.

Sky’s new TV service, Sky Q
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