Tool to Repair Corrupted WinRAR File Header

RAR file is the archive file format which allows you to compress various files into a single .rar file. As through email you can send only small amounts of data, with the help of WinRAR big data can be send over internet with high security by separating them in small pieces. This can be extracted after downloading. It provides setting password features while compressing, which needed after finishing download to view or extract the file.

There are many situations when your files may get corrupted or deleted due to some reasons. Header of a file contains detail information about file, if somehow header of file gets corrupted it make them inaccessible. If header of the RAR file gets corrupted, it will be worst situation as it may contain large number of files in compress form. Repairing such files is possible only by using some third party reliable tool like WinRAR Repair which is most trusted and advised tool to fix corrupt RAR file. It has powerful algorithm which is capable enough to repair automatically RAR file, you can use it without worrying how to fix header corruption in RAR file . As it is read only software which ensure original file will be intact with all properties provided during creation. It will repair corrupted RAR file due to any reason.

Despite of RAR file header corruption there are more reasons which may lead to inaccessibility of RAR file are mentioned below.

Reasons behind RAR File corruption

  • Virus Attack: Virus attack is one common reasons behind corruption of RAR file. It tries to change the property of file header.
  • Interruption While Downloading: While downloading RAR file from internet, if there is some interruption in download process. Incomplete download leads to corruption of RAR file, as a result they become inaccessible.
  • Unreliable third party tool: Using unreliable third party tool to extract RRA file may lead to file header corruption. Even a minor error leads to inaccessible of whole RAR file, and does not let them extract.
  • CRC Error: During creation of RAR files a checksum is generated, which is required while extraction. If it does not match, RAR archives will not be open and it will throw CRC error.

In above mentioned scenario of RAR file corruption, you can use WinRAR File tool to fix damaged RAR files. This utility has automated repairing process which fixes minor as well as major corruption in RAR file with ease.

Essential Features of the WinRAR File

  • It is specially designed to fix corrupt RAR file header, which repairs all version of RAR files.
  • Its powerful algorithm enables it to repair password protected RAR archives within few minutes.
  • It has read-only character which ensures, original RAR file will be intact.
  • It repairs lager RAR files easily having capacity of 4GB or more.
  • Its user friendly GUI enables any novice used to repair damaged RAR file as expert.
  • It follows completely automated repairing process, which can repair severe corrupted file too with ease.