Simple Way to Recover Excel File

Earlier, it was very difficult to maintain all the information and record related to work, official documents details, work reports, etc. these all data were maintained manually by writing it in books. Considering all the burden of work, Microsoft created an application called Microsoft Office Excel. This software reduced all the workload of maintaining the work records and information. Presently this tool is famous all over the world and is implemented by almost all the organization, industries and institutes. Microsoft released many versions of this application such as MS office 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.

One fine day, you find that these Excel spreadsheets which you have created with hard work has gone missing or got deleted without any knowledge to you. In order to recover deleted files in excel 2007, you can make the use of a finer tool such as Rescue Deleted. This application is capable to recover documents like XLS, XLSX, XML, XMLX, etc. without difficulty.

Do you know how to recover deleted files in Excel 2007?

You may be unknown about the reasons behind the deletion of Excel files. Usually Excel files get deleted or lost due to many human errors and software conflicts. Considering all the data loss scenarios we have listed some common reasons or scenarios in which you may face a loss of these Excel spreadsheets, such as:

  • On account of accidental deletion or unintentional formatting of hard drives, sometimes, you may, unfortunately, delete or loss the Excel spreadsheet document by mistake or by formatting a storage device unintentional without knowledge of data within it.
  • Due to the invasion of harmful virus infection in a system such as the invasion of spyware, malware, adware’s, etc. may take place because of copying or downloading infected files into your system. If Excel file gets infected, then antivirus application will delete the Excel file and you will face data loss scenario.
  • Deletion of Excel file may occur because of the missing file header. The file header is the main string of file format, which provides all the information to the system about which type of file it is and what is the memory location of the particular file. If these headers file gets missed, the system will not be able to locate the memory location, hence resulting in deletion of Excel file.
  • Lose due to any third party application, which means deletion of Excel document may happen due to the intervention of third-party tools like antivirus, system tune-up utility, defragmentation utility, etc.

If you are amongst the user who is facing deletion or loss of an Excel spreadsheet document, then just be cool and have a close look at Recuse Deleted application which is specially designed to recover deleted files in excel 2007 along with all other versions of MS Excel. This hassle-free application is developed to recover different types of files by utilizing unique file signature. After recovery, you can preview all the recovered Excel files and save them you have to activate this application to the full version.