Data Recovery from Kingston Flash Drive

Kingston flash drive is one the most commonly used flash drive for storing precious files to carry out anywhere. Flash drives stores all kinds of files like photos, video, audio files, word documents, excel sheets, pdf files etc.  Flash drives are ready to store and move significant files where ever you want. You feel charmed to carry such tiny portable flash drive to carry valuable files and also feel comfortable. However, losing data from Kingston also makes hurting. If you have backup for those deleted data from Kingston flash drive, you can effortlessly overcome. If you lost your important data and you may don’t have backup then, your day will turn to frightening. In such cases doesn’t be panic!! Use Best Flash Drive Recovery application to recover data from Kingston flash drive. Despite being safe, secure and reliable storage drive, Kingston flash drive has its own limitations. Kingston drive may get crash or corrupt due to numerous reasons and important files can be unreachable, till the files are recovered back.

Most of the users may lost their priceless images, videos  which are stored in flash drive, if you are encountering such condition then stop using flash drive to store data. It is difficult to get them back, but real fact is until and except you should not add new files to that space, you can restore them back. Use best recovery software to retrieve those deleted pictures. Best Flash Drive Recovery tool is such a powerful and finest utility with its in-built algorithm helps to recover data from Kingston flash drive within second. In order to know more about data recovery from Kingston flash drive by using Best Flash Drive Recovery software check it out:

Following are some of the causes which lead to deletion of pictures from Kingston flash drive:

Unintentional formatting: Formatting is nothing but deletion of old data and ready to save new data and setting up new file system. Suppose while doing some work in Kingston flash drive which is connect to system, by unintentionally, you may click format button which leads to deletion of data from your drive.

Improper usage: If you plug in your Kingston flash drive to the system in order for transferring some important files from flash drive to PC, after finishing your work, you may suddenly eject your flash drive abruptly without using ejection option which is showing below of computer screen may leads to deletion/loss of data from Kingston flash drive.

Virus attack:  It is one of commonly occurring error in all kinds of flash drives. Harmful malware/spy may attack your file and it’s inaccessible to open your valuable file. But with help of third party program or by using best antivirus you can prevent losing your vital files from flash drive.

All above mentioned reasons effects in crucial loss of important files from Kingston flash drive. To get rid of this kind of condition use powerful and well-designed software to recover data from Kingston flash drive. Best Flash Drive Recovery is one of the most advanced program to recover deleted pictures along with all other deleted or lost data from flash drive. Find option helps to search particular file from image directory and restores back with help of file attributes and unique file signature.

How to Fix Corrupted Photoshop (PSD) File?

PSD is the abbreviation for Photo Shop Document. Adobe Photoshop is an outstanding photo editing tool, which enables you to convert your innovative thoughts into images and present them in front of others. Besides this you can edit your existing images to enhance their property. Photoshop application is supported by both Windows and Mac OS thus there is no bound to work with Adobe Photoshop. It is inbuilt with nice GUI so it is used by professional and personal users.

But like other files and documents PSD file is also prone to get corrupted which may make you worry. No one can accept corruption of PSD file after so much effort, but despite of taking all precaution such unplanned, unexpected situation occurs due to various reasons. But now to get rid of such disaster situation team of experts has been developed repairing tool named as PSD File Repair, which is highly used by many users to fix corrupted PSD file and satisfied them with its performance. It has read only strategy which ensures you that even a single modification will not occur during repairing process of PSD file. Thus if you are facing such problem then you should use this efficient tool without worrying about how to repair corrupted PSD file.

Caused due to which PSD file may get corrupted

Incomplete Download: While downloading PSD file from internet, if there is any interruption then it may lead to corruption of PSD file. Interruption may include like internet connection problem, system shut down due to power surge, etc.

Virus Attack: Viruses are suborned programs which are prone to modify existing files and programs. So like other files PSD file also may get attacked by viruses and end up with damaged PSD file.

Unreliable Third Party Tool: You may convert file format of PSD file or compress them to decrease size of PSD file and for performing such operation you may use third party tool.

Incompatibility: If you will try to open PSD file created on latest version of Adobe Photoshop with any older version of Adobe Photoshop application then it may refuse to open and lead to corruption of PSD file.

Other Reasons: Besides of above mentioned causes there may be many reasons due to which PSD file may get corrupted and make you victim of damaged PSD file.

Features of PSD File Repair software

PSD file repair software having inbuilt smart algorithm which scans corrupted PST file, identify each layers and masks information, extract those  and write them in newly created PSD file with all information including color of images. It can repair PSD and PDD file crated on any versions of Adobe Photoshop. It has great GUI which instructs at every step and make easy repairing PSD file without worrying about how to fix corrupted PSD file. It supports all versions of Windows and Mac OS. After fixing PSD file you can view repaired PSD file images after reviewing it allows you to store PSD file on any internal or external storage device. You can use this tool to fix compressed PSD file without any interruption.

Reliable Software to Restore Deleted Partition Data

Before introducing Deleted Partition Recovery software, we can make some clear idea about “Actually what is a partition and how it is get deleted?” Partition is a part of computer hard disk drive which is logically divided into smaller number of units. Generally, partition is used to separate the user files and application files. For example, most commonly system application files are stored in the C. drive and user files are stored in the other partition units. Sometimes user may use multiple operating systems in same computer. At that time partition creation become very useful because can choose one partition unit for saving one operating system i.e. Windows 7 and any other partition to save other operating system files i.e. Ubuntu. Windows operating system contains Disk Management utility which helps us for creating and deleting the partition on computer hard disk drive. Partition also can be extracted and merged using this disk management tool effectively.

In spite of these advantages, while implementing this disk management tool you may delete some important data from partition mistakenly, this may result failure of data access from respective partition. In such situation, you cannot restore deleted partition data by using Windows disk manager tool. In order to achieve partition data recovery you can go for some reliable third party recovery tool like Deleted Partition Recovery software which can scan your hard disk drive partition thoroughly with the help of its outstanding scanning mechanism within short time duration effectively.

Deleted Partition Recovery Software

  • This tool is compatible with all the latest version of both Windows (i.e. Windows 8 and Windows 7) and Mac (i.e. Mavericks and Yosemite) systems without any difficulty.
  • It is suitable to perform formatted partition recovery and deleted partition recovery when partition get deleted or formatted with the usage of Windows Disk Management tool or some unhealthy third party disk management applications.
  • It can restore data from various hard drive/partition types like SATA, IDE, and PATA which may get corrupted or formatted effortlessly.
  • Retrieve data from most popular hard drive brands like Samsung, Kingston, Sony and Seagate which may formatted with any one of the file system structure includes FAT16, NTFS5,ExFAT and FAT32.
  • Files which are stored on a RAW partition (which doesn’t contain any file system) can be recovered with the help of this deleted partition recovery
  • Restore hundreds of different file types such as media files (digital images, videos and audio files), documents (PDF, PPT, DOCX, XLS and so on) from partition.

Some Possible Reason behind Partition Deletion

  • Sometimes, corruption may take place on Master File Table of any file system structure which can delete partition without you knowledge.
  • In order to create new partition, you may use some untrusted third party partitioning tool which result in data loss.
  • Hard disk drive/partition may get deleted while installing or reinstalling operating system.
  • Hard drive partition data even also can get deleted with your intension. For example, you may delete some unwanted files for obtaining more disk space. At that time you delete some important files accidentally.

In order to prevent data deletion from hard drive/partition, you can maintain backup of your important data regularly. If you failed maintain backup, don’t worry..!! Download and run this tool which can get back your valuable data within few simple mouse clicks.

Simple Way of Recovering Data from WD10EAVS HDD

Western Digital Corporation is one of the largest manufacturers of hard disk drive for the computer system. It is usually referred as Western Digital and abbreviated as WD. The Western Digital HDD comes with different model number like WD10EAVS, WD10EZEX etc, and various storage capacities. WD hard disk reduces power consumption and these drives primary feature is to save power. As the storage capacity of hard drive increases, it needs more power to run those disks.

If you are using WD10EAVS hard drive in your computer system and where you have saved all your essential information such as doc file, photos, movies, notes etc; and due to certain problems your important data has been deleted from the WD10EAVS hard drives. You may get frustrated about how the files are erased from the system and you search on internet how to recover deleted data and start to perform WD 10EAVS data recovery using various recovery tool

There are several recovery techniques over the internet, but my suggestion is that use the best recovery tool i.e., Western Digital Recovery Software enables you to retrieve files from WD 10EAVS drive that are deleted or lost due to various reasons. But user should stop using the system as this will overwrite those deleted file in the hard disk drive and will be replaced new data. It recovers data safely and save the file in different location without harming the original file from the PC

Causes of data deletion from WD 10EAVS HDD

  • While erasing the junk files from the system unfortunately user may erase some of the important data.
  • Due to virus attack in the computer system, the file may get deleted.
  • Formatting the hard drives partitions / volumes by mistake, this leads to severe loss of data.
  • In Western Digital HDD the common problems is PCB (burnt circuit board) which occurs due to overheating of hard drives, bad power supply or power surges and thereby makes the data inaccessible.
  • At the time of transferring a file to other storage device, if the system gets shut down then there is chance of file deletion and corruption.
  • If WD 10EAVS hard drive is corrupted due to bad sectors in HDD. Attempting to boot up that hard disk and try to read file you may get Master Hard Disk Fail.
  • If there is manufacturing defect in hard disk drives the operating system cannot read that type of HDD and file in that drives, than your data may lost or deleted.

Features of Western Digital Recovery Software

  • WD 10EAVS data recovery is extremely easy by using Western Digital Recovery tool.
  • It enables you to retrieve any type of file format from the HDD and recovers at a time large amount of data.
  • If the hard drives are formatted / reformatted this software has the capability of restoring the deleted file from the hard disk.
  • Western Digital Recovery Software can retrieve file from WD 10EAVS HDD partition or volumes from the computer system which as Windows or Mac OS and its supports various version of operating system.
  • Retrieve files from different type of WD 10EAVS hard drive interface like SATA, SCSI or IDE and recovers file from different file system allocation like FAT16, FAT32, ExtFAT, NTFS, NTFS5, HFS, HFS+ etc with an ease.
  • The software gives an option of “Save Scan Information” to resume the saving process and later than enables to rescan the process from where you have left.
  • It scans the hard drives entirely and will help to rescue deleted file safely.


Tool to Repair Corrupted WinRAR File Header

RAR file is the archive file format which allows you to compress various files into a single .rar file. As through email you can send only small amounts of data, with the help of WinRAR big data can be send over internet with high security by separating them in small pieces. This can be extracted after downloading. It provides setting password features while compressing, which needed after finishing download to view or extract the file.

There are many situations when your files may get corrupted or deleted due to some reasons. Header of a file contains detail information about file, if somehow header of file gets corrupted it make them inaccessible. If header of the RAR file gets corrupted, it will be worst situation as it may contain large number of files in compress form. Repairing such files is possible only by using some third party reliable tool like WinRAR Repair which is most trusted and advised tool to fix corrupt RAR file. It has powerful algorithm which is capable enough to repair automatically RAR file, you can use it without worrying how to fix header corruption in RAR file . As it is read only software which ensure original file will be intact with all properties provided during creation. It will repair corrupted RAR file due to any reason.

Despite of RAR file header corruption there are more reasons which may lead to inaccessibility of RAR file are mentioned below.

Reasons behind RAR File corruption

  • Virus Attack: Virus attack is one common reasons behind corruption of RAR file. It tries to change the property of file header.
  • Interruption While Downloading: While downloading RAR file from internet, if there is some interruption in download process. Incomplete download leads to corruption of RAR file, as a result they become inaccessible.
  • Unreliable third party tool: Using unreliable third party tool to extract RRA file may lead to file header corruption. Even a minor error leads to inaccessible of whole RAR file, and does not let them extract.
  • CRC Error: During creation of RAR files a checksum is generated, which is required while extraction. If it does not match, RAR archives will not be open and it will throw CRC error.

In above mentioned scenario of RAR file corruption, you can use WinRAR File tool to fix damaged RAR files. This utility has automated repairing process which fixes minor as well as major corruption in RAR file with ease.

Essential Features of the WinRAR File

  • It is specially designed to fix corrupt RAR file header, which repairs all version of RAR files.
  • Its powerful algorithm enables it to repair password protected RAR archives within few minutes.
  • It has read-only character which ensures, original RAR file will be intact.
  • It repairs lager RAR files easily having capacity of 4GB or more.
  • Its user friendly GUI enables any novice used to repair damaged RAR file as expert.
  • It follows completely automated repairing process, which can repair severe corrupted file too with ease.

Simple Way to Recover Deleted or Lost Files from Flash Drive

In current world scenario we can’t think about moving or copying files from one location to another without involvement of flash drives. Flash drive is a type storage device which assists its users to create back of crucial files or transfer files on requirement. Usually we save and manage files with utmost care. But, at times data saved over flash drive get missing due to some reasons. If you are facing similar file loss scenario over flash drive, then you need to remain calm.

Recovery of files from flash drive is a feasible task because when any kind of file loss happen then only file detail is either erased from file system or file detail may get inaccessible due to corruption of file system. All the files exist at the saved memory space area as long as they aren’t overwritten by any of the new files. So, if you want to recover files from flash drive, then try making use of Flash Drive Data Recovery software. Before knowing how this software recovers files from flash drive, let’s go through some of the instances which causes file loss from flash drive:

Accidental Deletion: Every now and then we need to delete some files from flash drive to make memory space for new files. If while deleting useless files from flash drive inappropriate file selection is made then you made end up deleting a few of the important files.

Unintentional Formatting: Format option is used to reset file system of any flash drive. If we apply this option unknowingly then there is no way to retrieve files from flash drive using any manual method.

Improper Ejection: Insertion or ejection of flash drive is done every time we use flash drive. In case you remove flash drive without following procedure on your system, then there is a possibility that its file system may get corrupted and henceforth inaccessibility of file happen on flash drive.

Error while File Transfer: This kind of data loss happen when any kind of error or interruption happen while moving files from flash drive to any other storage device. Interruption while moving files from flash drive can happen due to abrupt ejection, system driver issues, system shutdown, hardware issues, etc.

If you are facing any of the above detailed scenarios then simply use this tool to get back files from flash drive. All the files that are recovered by this tool are of the exact same format as it was before. One of the other benefits of using this software is that it permits you to recover files from flash drive on the basis of file signature. The files that are listed on completion of scanning process can be listed in four ways, i.e. file name, file size, creation or modification date, and file format. You can view files in File Type View (Shows files on the basis of file type) or Data View (Shows files on the basis of file hierarchy).

This Flash Drive Data Recovery software not only allows you see files but also permits you to view files using Preview option. It can be flawlessly used on different brands of flash drive such as Samsung, HP, Transcend, Strontium, Dell, WD, Seagate, etc. In addition, you can apply this Flash Drive Data Recovery utility on all latest versions of Mac OS and Windows OS.

Instant Solution to Retrieve Deleted Songs from SDXC Card

SDXC is a latest type of flash memory card which is released in 2010 and it has the same dimensions of a SD and SDHC card. SDXC card is compatible only with SDXC devices and you can access it by using an SDXC compatible USB reader or adapter. To handle large data with high read/write performance, it uses exFAT file system. SDXC flash memory cards are highly preferred storage media as it offers high storage capacity with fastest data transfer rate i.e. up to 10MB per second. These memory cards can be used to store different types of files like documents, RAR/ZIP files, audio, video files in devices like Smart phones, camcorders, digital cameras etc. Some commonly used SDXC card brands are Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk etc.

Sometimes, you may find your music files that are stored in SDXC card gets deleted or missing due to different circumstances. Basically, it happens due to accidental deletion or any unknown factors. However, you need not to get frightened for your music files. With this guide, you will get to know that how to recover deleted songs from SDXC card. Here you are provided with an instant solution to retrieve those deleted or lost music files by using a recovery tool called SDXC Card Recovery. By using this software, you can perfectly recover deleted mp3 files from SDXC card in a short period of time.

How files from SDXC card get deleted?

Accidental deletion: It is the common glitch performed by most of the users. Suppose, you are deleting all the unwanted music files from SDXC card, but accidentally have selected some essential music files too with unwanted files. In such case, you will be ended up deleting your favorite songs from SDXC card.

Virus Attack: If your SDXC card gets infected with malware or hazardous virus attack, then you may use third party antivirus application to remove virus, but at times the utility may delete your music files if it is severely corrupted.

Interruptions during file transfer: To backup important your mp3 files, you may connect SDXC card to PC/laptop to transfer music files. However, interruptions like abrupt system shutdown, power surge and external device switch off may lead to deletion of your music files on SDXC card.

Accidental formatting: Whenever you connect your SDXC card to your computer a popup box appears like memory card not is formatted, format it now? If you hit yes then definitely you will lose music files and other data.

Other than the above mentioned scenarios, there are some other reasons in which music files get deleted from SDXC card. But, you can overcome all these scenarios easily with the help of suitable software and you can recover deleted songs from SDXC card.

Here, SDXC card Recovery program can be the most suitable option for you as it performs guaranteed retrieval of deleted music files from SDXC card. It is a well-known and recommended software to retrieve deleted songs from SDXC card in few simple mouse clicks. By using this application, you can recover deleted songs from SDXC card quickly and safely.

Advanced features provided with SDXC Card Recovery Program:

  • This software has potential to retrieve more than 300 file types including photos, Word documents, Spreadsheets, PPT files, ZIP files, audio files, video files and so on.
  • It recovers data from SDXC card as well as from other media storage cards such as SDHC, SD, MMC, CF etc.
  • With the help of this SDXC flash card recovery tool, you can recover files from SDXC card, which is affected by bad sectors.
  • You can restore missing songs from formatted, corrupted or unreadable SDXC cards.
  • It also supports to recover music files from external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, iPods, iPhones, Fire Wire drives etc.

Preventive Measures to avoid data loss:

  • Do not connect SDXC cards into virus infected computer.
  • It is better to use a good antivirus tool that prevents your system from getting infected with virus attacks.
  • It is always good to back up favorite songs in a regular basis.





Utility to Repair MP4 Video File

MP4 is a multimedia file that is widely used to store video and audio. You can also use to store other data such as subtitles and still images. This MP4 files are popular on the Internet and supported on a range of consumer electronics devices that includes digital cameras, iPhone, Smartphones, iPod, etc. Since this MP4 file offers high-quality and highly compressed digital video, you usually might have experienced the corruption of your favorite MP4 video file. In case if you come up with corruption issue with MP4 file then it is necessary to use the best software to repair MP4 files. Well, fix MOV is one of the professional MP4 file repair tool that has designed with some extraordinary features for repairing corrupted MP4 video files. It has simple and user friendly interface, so that even a novice can use this software to repair MP4 files without facing any difficulty. Fix MOV is a non-destructive tool that is 100% virus free.

Causes for the corruption of MP4 video files:

  • If your drive is infected with dangerous and deadly viruses where you stored your MP4 file then there are chances that the MP4 file will to get corrupted.
  • Abrupt system shutdown due to sudden power failure while playing MP4 video files or transferring MP4 files from system to other storage device then there is possibility of corruption of MP4 video files as the system is are incorrectly terminated in these events.
  • Changing the file extension of MP4 video from one format to other file format can also be the reasons for the corruption of MP4 video file.

Other factors like usage of unreliable app to play MP4 file, downloading MP4 file from unknown host, software malfunction, etc can lead to corruption of MP4 video files. Luckily, you can easily all these problems by fixing MP4 files with the help of professional and efficient fix MOV software. Fix MOV toolkit has powerful algorithms which helps you to fix audio files MP4 in an effective manner. This utility has auto fix process which makes the fixing process very easy. Not only this, but also it has an ability to separate video and audio files and adjoins them to create relevant playable video file.

Fix MOV tool easily repairs corrupted, damaged or broken MOV / MP4 files, which aren’t able to play on Quick Time Player. This program works efficiently with different OS that includes Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (64-bit), Mac Mountain Lion and Lion 10.7 (64-bit), Mac Mavericks, Mac Yosemite, etc. Fix MOV application supports to mend corrupt MP4 videos of some video files codec’s such as avc1, mp4v, mjpeg, etc. Some of the supported file systems of this fix MOV application are FAT 16, FAT 32, EXTFAT 64, NTFS, NTFS5, ReFS, etc.

You can also download the trial version of this fix MOV software for free of cost and measure its performance to judge it on the basis of product worthiness. Once the corrupted MP4 video file is fixed using this utility, you can easily preview the repaired MP4 file before saving it to the desired location. Other most advantageous aspect of this program is that it is just read only software, hence it won’t harm your original MP4 video file during the process of repairing damaged MP4 video file.

Repair MP4 Video File after Incomplete Download

MP4 is one of the well known video file format that is the combination of both video and audio formats. It supports different multimedia devices that include phones, computers, laptops, camcorders, digital cameras, etc. In these days, MP4 video file has become very popular among the youths, especially for them who are not free from their busy schedule. This MP4 video file provides better playable option and well supported on almost all handy devices. Moreover, its advanced compressive nature helps to transfer the large video files into a smaller and playable one. In addition to this, MP4 video file has gain lots of popularity in this recent era, due to its high clarity video.

Inspite of having all these advantages, sometimes you may come across the situation where your MP4 video file is downloaded incompletely and you would end up with corruption issue. Have you ever failed to access your stored MP4 files? Is your player flashing incomplete MP4 file error message? Are you wondering on how to fix incomplete MP4 file easily?

Well, if you are facing such type of scenarios then get relaxed, as you have already arrived at the right place. It is very easy to repair incomplete MP4 video file with the help of reliable third party application. Fix MOV is one of the most sophisticated tool for MP4 video repair after improper download very easily and quickly. This program successfully repairs incomplete, damaged or corrupted MP4 video files in few minutes.

Causes for incomplete download and corruption of MP4 video files are mentioned below:

  • When you are downloading a MP4 video file, if any sort of interruption occurs in between like no proper internet connection or if your PC shuts down improperly then there are chances that your MP4 gets incompletely downloaded and leads to corruption.
  • MP4 video files can get damaged as a result of virus or malware infections, this in turn corrupts MP4 file structure and leaves them in incomplete file format.
  • While moving MP4 video file from your system to other storage device, if the transmission of MP4 file was terminated then the file will not be transferred completely and gets corrupted.
  • If you change MP4 video file format frequently to play it on suitable media player using some unreliable third party programs, then there are possibilities for MP4 file corruption.

If your MP4 file is improperly downloaded because of above mentioned reasons or the others and you are in need to repair such incomplete MP4 video files, then this fix MOV software plays an important role in repairing incomplete MP4 file.This fix MOV toolkit gives an ultimate solution on how to fix incomplete MP4 file format by following few simple steps.This repairing utility easily resolves all MP4 issues and converts it into playable one. Fix MOV tool is enriched with advanced algorithm that performs through scanning of your storage media and fixes incomplete MP4 files in few clicks.

You can even use this fix MOV software to fix damaged as well as broken MP4 movie file stored on digital storage devices that includes personal computer hard drive, memory card, external hard disk, USB flash drive, iPod touch, and so on. The application also repairs corrupted / damaged MOV & MP4 file, which you were not able to play in QuickTime player. One of the main advantage of downloading and using this fix MOV tool is that, it is available for free trial download, using which one can preview repaired MP4 video before actual purchase.

Best Video File Repair Software Mac

Are you unable to play your AVI files on Macintosh PCs? AVI is a video file which is renowned for its container like structure, where both audio and video frames are packed together in order to trim down the file size. AVI video file format provides high clarity and flexible video files. Initially, this .avi format was designed for Macintosh system users. But, now it is explored to Windows system with the improvised technology and explicit codecs. You can play AVI files in all versions of Macintosh operating systems like Mac OSX Tiger/ Lion / Leopard / Snow Leopard, etc. In some scenarios AVI file could sometime halt from playing in companionable media players on Mac. Whenever, you are struggling to play your MOV or AVI files on Macintosh machine then corruption is the main reason behind this cause.

In such case, in order to fix video files on Mac you ought to repair them. For this purpose you need to make use of accurate best video file repair software Mac. With the utilization of this ideal repair tool, you can easily fix error in file of QuickTime on Mac.

Scenarios related to MOV File Corruption

QuickTime Application Upgradation– Often you might encounter error messages while trying to play  your video files on Mac which were perfectly playing well few days back before you had upgraded the QuickTime media player deployed to play all MOV files and videos. The reason behind the occurrences of the error messages when attempting to play AVI or MOV files on Windows after the upgradation of QuickTime could be that the version which you were using previously suited the system more than the upgraded one. But the upgraded version is either incompatible with your respective Windows system or its unstable.

Header Corruption: Each and every file contains a header and the body part on all systems of the world. Header of a AVI or MOV file or even other files residing on the system contains all the details associated with the files such as file format & other properties, modification date / time,  the body contains the video. When a video is played, the operating system of the PC that you are using first verifies the header of that specific file and then it allows files to get played. Therefore, when the header of MOV files or other files is corrupted then it cannot be played.

Improper Compression Techniques: To sent MOV or AVI files online through internet you need to archive those specific files. For the compression or archiving of MOV files you need to utilize perfect and reliable compression tool. If the tool used to compress MOV files is inefficient then it may corrupt your MOV files. Header corruption is the main consequence of this factor.

To fix errors on MOV File on Mac and to defeat all above file corruption scenarios visit this link This particular link has clearly explained all the steps to make your MOV file free from errors and corruptions.