Know How to Use iPad Apps on Laptop

Do you want to know that how to use iPad apps on laptop? To run iPad apps in your Windows or Mac based system or laptop is not an easy task. But this is possible. Do you know, how you can use iPad apps on laptop? There are plenty of apps available in current scenarios. You just download and install those apps in your system/ laptop and use iPad apps easily on your system.


Following are some apps which help you to use iPad apps on laptop:

  • Splashtop: This is a good app that provides to users for an easy and quick access to their Mac or Windows system right from their iPads. The price of this app is only $1.99.
  • Team viewer for remote control: An easy, fast and secure remote access to Windows, Mac or Linux system is provided by this app.
  • GoToMyPC: This app is use to connect you via Mac or Windows system from anywhere. Subscription is must to start using of this app.
  • Screens: $9.99 price of this app allows you to synchronized all stored screens on your iOS devices.
  • iTeleport: iTeleport app has awesome capability to control your laptop anywhere in the world. All files and applications of laptop are access and edit by this app. Price of this app is only $24.99.
  • iTap mobile RDP: To manage Windows desktop from iPad, this tool is used by users. Price of iTelePort is $9.99.
  • VNC viewer: TO control your system via iPad or iPhone, this app is used. You can control your system all around the world. Price of VNC viewer is $9.99.
  • LogMeIn: Through WiFi/ 3G, you can control your Windows or Mac system.
  • App start for iPad: You just download, install and use this app and control Windows, Mac or Linux laptop. This app is free.
  • Remote desktop: Windows workstation computer are easily connect via this app. You can also see the programs, resources and files. Price of remote desktop app is $5.99.