Instant Solution to Retrieve Deleted Songs from SDXC Card

SDXC is a latest type of flash memory card which is released in 2010 and it has the same dimensions of a SD and SDHC card. SDXC card is compatible only with SDXC devices and you can access it by using an SDXC compatible USB reader or adapter. To handle large data with high read/write performance, it uses exFAT file system. SDXC flash memory cards are highly preferred storage media as it offers high storage capacity with fastest data transfer rate i.e. up to 10MB per second. These memory cards can be used to store different types of files like documents, RAR/ZIP files, audio, video files in devices like Smart phones, camcorders, digital cameras etc. Some commonly used SDXC card brands are Transcend, Sony, Kingston, Lexar, SanDisk etc.

Sometimes, you may find your music files that are stored in SDXC card gets deleted or missing due to different circumstances. Basically, it happens due to accidental deletion or any unknown factors. However, you need not to get frightened for your music files. With this guide, you will get to know that how to recover deleted songs from SDXC card. Here you are provided with an instant solution to retrieve those deleted or lost music files by using a recovery tool called SDXC Card Recovery. By using this software, you can perfectly recover deleted mp3 files from SDXC card in a short period of time.

How files from SDXC card get deleted?

Accidental deletion: It is the common glitch performed by most of the users. Suppose, you are deleting all the unwanted music files from SDXC card, but accidentally have selected some essential music files too with unwanted files. In such case, you will be ended up deleting your favorite songs from SDXC card.

Virus Attack: If your SDXC card gets infected with malware or hazardous virus attack, then you may use third party antivirus application to remove virus, but at times the utility may delete your music files if it is severely corrupted.

Interruptions during file transfer: To backup important your mp3 files, you may connect SDXC card to PC/laptop to transfer music files. However, interruptions like abrupt system shutdown, power surge and external device switch off may lead to deletion of your music files on SDXC card.

Accidental formatting: Whenever you connect your SDXC card to your computer a popup box appears like memory card not is formatted, format it now? If you hit yes then definitely you will lose music files and other data.

Other than the above mentioned scenarios, there are some other reasons in which music files get deleted from SDXC card. But, you can overcome all these scenarios easily with the help of suitable software and you can recover deleted songs from SDXC card.

Here, SDXC card Recovery program can be the most suitable option for you as it performs guaranteed retrieval of deleted music files from SDXC card. It is a well-known and recommended software to retrieve deleted songs from SDXC card in few simple mouse clicks. By using this application, you can recover deleted songs from SDXC card quickly and safely.

Advanced features provided with SDXC Card Recovery Program:

  • This software has potential to retrieve more than 300 file types including photos, Word documents, Spreadsheets, PPT files, ZIP files, audio files, video files and so on.
  • It recovers data from SDXC card as well as from other media storage cards such as SDHC, SD, MMC, CF etc.
  • With the help of this SDXC flash card recovery tool, you can recover files from SDXC card, which is affected by bad sectors.
  • You can restore missing songs from formatted, corrupted or unreadable SDXC cards.
  • It also supports to recover music files from external hard drives, flash drives, pen drives, iPods, iPhones, Fire Wire drives etc.

Preventive Measures to avoid data loss:

  • Do not connect SDXC cards into virus infected computer.
  • It is better to use a good antivirus tool that prevents your system from getting infected with virus attacks.
  • It is always good to back up favorite songs in a regular basis.