Simple Ways to Rescue Data from Android

Usage of Android devices is growing day by day. Nowadays, in every step my entire life I have witnessed that many of the cell phone user prefers Android phones rather than traditional one. However, in some scenarios, Android users may face data deletion from Android devices. Either it’s been done knowingly or unknowingly nevertheless it […]

Simple Way to Recover Excel File

Earlier, it was very difficult to maintain all the information and record related to work, official documents details, work reports, etc. these all data were maintained manually by writing it in books. Considering all the burden of work, Microsoft created an application called Microsoft Office Excel. This software reduced all the workload of maintaining the […]

How to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10?

Microsoft Windows 10 operating system was released in year 2015. The latest version comes up with many updated features. In spite of several features, sometimes files get deleted due to certain reasons on Windows 10. It is really heartbreaking condition when you deleted or lost files from the system. Under such scenario third party tool […]