Best Video File Repair Software Mac

Are you unable to play your AVI files on Macintosh PCs? AVI is a video file which is renowned for its container like structure, where both audio and video frames are packed together in order to trim down the file size. AVI video file format provides high clarity and flexible video files. Initially, this .avi format was designed for Macintosh system users. But, now it is explored to Windows system with the improvised technology and explicit codecs. You can play AVI files in all versions of Macintosh operating systems like Mac OSX Tiger/ Lion / Leopard / Snow Leopard, etc. In some scenarios AVI file could sometime halt from playing in companionable media players on Mac. Whenever, you are struggling to play your MOV or AVI files on Macintosh machine then corruption is the main reason behind this cause.

In such case, in order to fix video files on Mac you ought to repair them. For this purpose you need to make use of accurate best video file repair software Mac. With the utilization of this ideal repair tool, you can easily fix error in file of QuickTime on Mac.

Scenarios related to MOV File Corruption

QuickTime Application Upgradation– Often you might encounter error messages while trying to play  your video files on Mac which were perfectly playing well few days back before you had upgraded the QuickTime media player deployed to play all MOV files and videos. The reason behind the occurrences of the error messages when attempting to play AVI or MOV files on Windows after the upgradation of QuickTime could be that the version which you were using previously suited the system more than the upgraded one. But the upgraded version is either incompatible with your respective Windows system or its unstable.

Header Corruption: Each and every file contains a header and the body part on all systems of the world. Header of a AVI or MOV file or even other files residing on the system contains all the details associated with the files such as file format & other properties, modification date / time,  the body contains the video. When a video is played, the operating system of the PC that you are using first verifies the header of that specific file and then it allows files to get played. Therefore, when the header of MOV files or other files is corrupted then it cannot be played.

Improper Compression Techniques: To sent MOV or AVI files online through internet you need to archive those specific files. For the compression or archiving of MOV files you need to utilize perfect and reliable compression tool. If the tool used to compress MOV files is inefficient then it may corrupt your MOV files. Header corruption is the main consequence of this factor.

To fix errors on MOV File on Mac and to defeat all above file corruption scenarios visit this link This particular link has clearly explained all the steps to make your MOV file free from errors and corruptions.